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8 Best Christmas Gifts for the Car Lover in Your Life

Do you have a car enthusiast in your life that you don’t know how to shop for? If so, check out our list of gifts below. From dash cams to jump starters, your loved one is sure to be thrilled on Christmas Day.

1. Leather Driving Gloves

Does your loved one dream of becoming a professional driver? Do they envision speedways and checkered flags? Help bring that dream closer to reality with some leather driving gloves.

As a bonus, these gloves keep your hands warm in fall and winter. You can also find them in multiple colors.

2. A Dash Camera

No matter how cautious you are, accidents happen. With a dash camera, though, your loved one can keep a record of everything that occurs — ideal for those times when you need a little evidence.

Beyond helping out in the event of a crash, dash cams also come in handy if something exciting happens while driving — like if you catch a glimpse of bigfoot and want to prove it to your friends.

3. Heated Seat Covers

Heated seats are an amazing feature, but they’re not in every vehicle. If the car lover in your life is going cold this winter, buy them a gift that will warm them up.

These covers slip right over the seat, and they plug into a standard 12-volt cigarette lighter outlet. They also offer multiple heat settings to choose from.

4. A Keyfinder

If you’ve ever had somewhere to be, but couldn’t find your keys, you know how helpful a gift like the Tile Mate Key Finder can be.

You attach the little square device to your keyring and download an app on your phone. When you can’t find your keys, simply open up the app and take a look at the GPS locator.

5. An OBD Reader

Most car enthusiasts want to learn more about their chosen vehicles. Help your loved one along with an OBD reader, a device that can pull codes from your car and tell you what's wrong when a light blinks on.

If you splurge for a mid-range OBD reader — still under $100 — the device will also be able to clear codes once the problem is fixed, making that pesky light disappear.

6. A Wet/Dry Vac

Most car enthusiasts are perfectionists when it comes to their vehicle’s look. They want everything to be clean and shiny.

To help them along, consider gifting them a wet/dry vac, one that offers a mixture of a powerful motor and easy maneuverability.

7. A DieCast Model Car

Building a car from the ground up can cost a lot of money. Help the enthusiast in your life enjoy their passion on a smaller scale with a diecast model.

With this model kit, your loved one will get to assemble a small vehicle to their liking. Afterward, they can put it on display or go for a “drive.”

8. A Jump Starter

Your loved one may already have jumper cables in their car. However, that backup requires finding another driver to lend you some power. With a jump starter, however, you can get back on the road on your own.

This little accessory is compact and easily fits in the trunk. Plus, it also doubles as a flashlight.

Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Car Enthusiast

Don’t let shopping stress get you down. Instead, find the perfect gift for the car lover in your life with the list above.


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