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5 Signs of a Bad Transmission

No one likes to deal with car trouble, and a bad transmission is both an operational and safety hazard for your vehicle. Without a healthy transmission, your car won’t function properly and can easily cause a breakdown or accident. But how can you know if your transmission is going bad?

Here are five common signs of a bad transmission that drivers should never ignore:

Unusual Sounds Many drivers notice strange sounds coming from their vehicle at some point or another, but some sounds are more concerning than others. A grinding sound when shifting in a manual transmission is a tell tale sign of a major problem. In an automatic transmission you may hear a more subtle, but noticeable sound, like a hum or buzz. Whether you have a manual transmission or an automatic transmission you will want to have any abnormal sounds checked by a professional ASAP.

Warning Lights Warning lights on your dash are another surefire way to know if something is amiss. The transmission temperature light can signal when the temperature of the transmission fluid is hotter than it should be, which means something isn’t working properly. When this light comes on you can check the fluid yourself, but bringing the car in to have an auto repair professional look at it is always a wise decision.

Strange Smells Odd smells coming from your vehicle are always alarming. The most common cause of strange smells is when transmission fluid begins to burn, meaning your engine may be running hotter than it should be. This can also happen when your transmission fluid gets low, so having regular fluid checks is vital.

Fluid Leaks If you notice your car leaking fluid you definitely want to have it looked at as quickly as possible. Leaking fluid is the result of a leak, and a leak overtime could wind up costing you thousands. Your transmission can’t run properly without an adequate amount of fluid, so fixing a leak quickly is important.

Change in Responsiveness The responsiveness of your vehicle when shifting is another major indicator of a transmission problem. Both manual and automatic transmissions should shift gears quickly and seamlessly, but if you notice your car hesitating to shift, you probably have a transmission problem. Taking your car into the shop to have a professional take a look is essential when you notice a lack of responsiveness, as it could pose a major safety risk on the road.

At MRW AutoPro, we are happy to take a look at your car and determine if you have a transmission problem. If you are concerned about a transmission issue with your car, give us a call today! Save


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